IHI Turbo America



High Performance

RH-series turbochargers are developed, marketed and manufactured by ITA under license from IHI. IHI and ITA have a long, successful history in the manufacture of quality, reliable high-speed rotary machines.

The excellent performance and reliability of the RH-series turbochargers represents the application of state-of-the-art technology to meeting today's market needs. These highly regarded turbochargers have found application in the automotive, heavy truck, marine, construction machine and industrial engine markets.

These turbochargers were developed to achieve the following important characteristics.

  1. High reliability: Design for optimum bearing stability, oil seal performance and thermal resistance in conjunction with strict quality control ensure high reliability and excellent field life.
  2. Superior performance: Use of advanced aerodynamic design for turbine and compressor wheels along with minimized mechanical loss and low inertia generate superior performance including high flow rates, wide operating ranges and excellent response.
  3. Compact design: The RH-series is designed to minimize size and weight while maintaining the required strength. This allows for minimum package requirement for a given application.
  4. Broad application: RH-series includes a wide variety of models for maximum application range.

Technical support for customers of the ITA RH-series is provided through a worldwide network covering R&D, design, marketing, manufacturing and quality and evaluation.

RHE / RHF Series

RHE and RHF series turbochargers incorporate advanced technologies developed by IHI. These turbochargers were designed to meet today's stringent market requirements.

The RHE series employs a mixed-flow turbine for the first time in an automobile turbocharger. RHE turbochargers are applied primarily to large displacement truck engines. They are designed to satisfy increasingly strict emission regulations while achieve high-pressure ratios and long service life.

The RHF series is primarily applied to small displacement passenger car engines. RHE and RHF turbochargers are designed to be interchangeable with the preceding series of RHC and RHB, respectively. This interchangeability allows the engine manufacture to achieve improved engine performance without turbocharger imposed packaging constraints.


S Series

ITA utilizes high efficiency screw compressor technology to provide positive displacement airflow at a preselected internal pressure ratio. This approach allows this type of supercharger to remain very compact and provide a mechanically driven pressurized air source for rapid boost response with less parasitic losses than other technologies. Other positive displacement devices simply pump a volume and rely on external compression to generate boost and require more power from the engine crankshaft.

Unique features of the screw compressor include:

  1. Higher cycle efficiency resulting in lower temperature rise of the boosted airflow.
  2. Lower input drive power for the same airflow and pressure ratio.
  3. High specific speed design provides higher airflow in a smaller more compact package.
  4. Your choice of various lubrication options including self-contained for life or externally fed oil.
  5. Multiple input drive options including damper pulley, one way drive or electromagnetic clutch.
  6. Stand alone or fully integrated packaging with your other engine components.
  7. Several potential mounting orientations and airflow connections.